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Important information

  1. The Consulate will not process a visa application if the application form is not completely filled out and signed by the applicant.
  2. The applicants are fully responsible for choosing and submitting correct type of visa according to your purposes and period of stay to Thailand.
  3. Do not apply for a visa earlier than 3 months before your expected date of arrival to Thailand.
  4. The Consulate reserves the right to request more documents or ask for an interview if necessary.
  5. The Consulate will not refund the visa fee paid if your application has been declined.
  6. Type of visa cannot be change after submitted visa application.
  7. Please remember that the receipt you received after submitting your application is needed when you collect your visa.
  8. After collecting the passport with issued visa, applicant should check the visa sticker carefully to make sure it accords with your purposes and supposed visit to Thailand. If there are any doubts, you must raise it immediately with the staff. Otherwise the applicants will take all the consequences by themselves.
  9. ​Upon arrival in Thailand, please check the last date which you are allowed to stay in Thailand stamped in your passport by the Thai immigration officer upon arrival. If you stay beyond the specified date, you may receive a fine for overstaying in Thailand. The Royal Thai Consulate will not be responsible for any fine incurred as a result of your violation of Thai immigration law.

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